L’espai cowork is a project management center for nomad business that sell online services and live activities. A space to create synergies between entrepreneurs in the region, sharing a table and networking. In short, L’espai cowork in La Seu d’Urgell, makes it possible to open or grow your business and be the latest in the digital world.

L'espai cowork de la seu d'urgell

A large space
Where to make your project grow.

L’espai, industrial style on street level, has a coworking area with a capacity for 8 people, a 75m2 room where you can do all kinds of activities, meeting room for 4-6 people and a chill-out with office fully equipped to make a bite between project and P Rojecte.

What can we do for you?


The passport to get far is a good training. Stay up to date with the courses for companies and professionals.


Come and work with your colleagues in the office. Improve your results and make your work a magical experience.


Are you betting for talent in the Pyrenees? Find out who can make L’espai CoWork to take your company to the next level.

Live coworking!



  • Punctual entry
  • Subject to availability
  • Coworking Area
  • Internet and Office Access



  • Weekdays
  • From 8:00h to 20:00h
  • Coworking Area
  • Coworker Advantages



  • Weekdays
  • 8h to 14h or 14h to 20h
  • Coworking Area
  • Advantages Cowoker

All prices mentioned are without VAT. The rates HAVEN’T permanence.


Coworking is a way of living and thinking. A Cowork is a workspace where its members, called self-employed workers-, exercise their entrepreneurial activity in collaboration with others in the sharing of office, take advantage of synergies and save costs.

No, you will only have to give notice before 30 calendar days before the end of the fare.

This is not a problem. We present some standard products, but if you let us know your need, we will find and create the appropriate offer and adapted to your need.

The workplace, the assigned table, can only be customized by a full-time coworker, the rest of the packs must be adapted to the coworking and use format of the space. In the case of documentation, books, etc., it will depend on the confidentiality and the amount to choose the shared shelves, personal fuselages, lockers.

No. You can talk whenever you want, do so in a suitable tone, without fears and with complete confidence. In addition, whenever you need it, you can attend the private areas from the meeting room or when the weather is nice, in the outdoor area.

You can do it whenever you want, in office hours and in the coworking spaces enabled by this: the meeting room and the multipurpose room. Rooms must be booked in advance.

Do you have any further questions? I listen to you! : Contact us.

Try the CoWorking!

Are you curious to know what is the experience of L’espai Cowork? Ask for your FreePass: 🎟️ We give you 4 hours of our company and we invite you to ☕ an Infu!

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